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Generative AI is now available in Adobe’s Photoshop software.


With the addition of generative AI to Photoshop, digital artists will soon be able to use more powerful picture editing tools at the tip of their fingers.

Adobe Photoshop, the standard software in many artistic fields, will soon have AI-powered image-editing software that will be the best of the best.

The new AI integration will have some new features. Adobe’s Vice President of Digital Imaging, Maria Yap, showed one of these features in a demo by blending a portrait of a dog into a bigger background with the prompt “spring trees with sunshine.”

With the new “Generative Fill” feature, users can add computer-generated content to an original picture cropped too close or add features based on a text description. This makes what could be an hour-long editing process of searching through picture archives and putting images together by hand take only minutes

Adobe had already made a similar generative AI tool called Firefly, but it has been trying the system as a separate website for the past few weeks. Now, the business that makes Photoshop says it will add features based on it.

Some creators might be excited about this, but some experts in the field worry that as Photoshop gets better, it will replace some jobs at creative agencies and brands because it will be easier for anyone to use. Others fear that artists’ work will be stolen to train the AI, which raises ethical and legal questions.




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