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GlossAi raises $8 million in a seed round to speed up the use of its V-AI platform for creating content at a large scale.


GlossAi, which made an AI-driven video generator that lets organizations quickly create content for multiple audiences at scale using generative AI, has announced that its $8 million seed round was successful.

The funding round was led by New Era Capital Partners and included contributions from Guidestar Ventures, 97212 Ventures, MindCET Ventures, Ginossar Ventures, Maccabee Ventures, Rafi Gidron, the Zipris Family, Barak Goldstein, and others; it will help GlossAi grow its global presence and add more AI features to its platform.

GlossAi uses billions of data points to evaluate hundreds of factors, such as language, tone, tempo, facial expressions, and how involved the audience is, to create material that sounds like a person wrote it in almost real-time.

GlossAi’s cutting-edge platform means that a single webinar, podcast, training keynote, or another video can be automatically cut into smaller pieces that tell a story.

Teams can quickly create high-quality, shareable short-form videos, trailers, eBooks, blog posts, carousel images, and more from existing content that is packaged in a way that makes sense for the medium.

GlossAi’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ofer Familier, said, “We’re making it possible for organizations to be everywhere by making it easy for them to create targeted content at scale with fewer resources.” “Our clients are getting 30–40% more involved.”

Our customers see engagement go up by 30–40% and costs go down by 70–80%. We see webinars with their trailers, podcasts promoted on TikTok, eBooks made from classes, and more because of how creatively our enterprise customers use our technology.

The money will help GlossAi’s team of more than 30 people grow their business worldwide, make more AI-powered products and features, and bring in more money faster.

With the expanding acceptance of AI, Video AI has the potential to help businesses engage with audiences that were previously out of reach.




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