Google Reveals The 2018 Top Trending Searches in South Africa


TechInAfrica – Google is the most used Internet search engine in the world. Each year, it consistently reveals what local people most search on the internet, showing what actually people are most interested in throughout the year.

Speaking about top trending search in South Africa, Google said that the results show a different perspective on what major moments and trends occurring in the country seen from the searches.

Google Reveals The 2018 Top Trending Searches in South Africa
Google Reveals The 2018 Top Trending Searches in South Africa via

“This year’s trending searches show South Africans’ keen interest in local celebrities, news, and events, with six of the top 10 trending search terms being local. The top personalities list also reflects this: three of the top 10 are politicians, two are sports stars, and the other five are related to current affairs and news events,” said Google representative.

This year, South Africans were interested in the World Cup fixtures the most. The second place was the Global Citizen concert, bringing the pop American singer, Beyonce to the country. The other most search topics were politics, particularly the former president Jacob Zuma-related topics and Winnie Mandela-related topics.

Meanwhile, the South African rapper, HHP, who died recently was also one of the top trending topics in the country. A bacteria-disease, Listeriosis, Black Panther, Meghan Markle, and Mack Miller, were followed on the top 10 search list.

On the other hand, Google also revealed 10 most asked questions by South Africans. The questions were:

  • “How did Avicii die?”
  • “How old is Pharrell Williams?”
  • “What is Listeriosis?”
  • “What is black data?”
  • “How old is Prince Harry?”
  • “How much are Global Citizen tickets?”
  • “How to get pregnant?”
  • “What time is the royal wedding?”
  • “What happened to HHP?”
  • “How old is Meghan Markle?”

One of Google Search features, “near me”, shows results what’s there in a certain distance. The most searched terms for this feature were “jobs near me”, “Nando’s near me”, “Dischem near me”, “McDonald’s near me”, “guest house near me”, “Postnet near me”, “Steers near me”, “Spar near me”, “Debonairs near me”, and Spur near me”.

Google also included the top 10 most searched woman in South Africa this year. This year’s most searched women by South Africans were Winnie Mandela, Meghan Markle, Sbahle Mpisane, Aretha Franklin, Khloe Kardashian, Sophie Ndaba, Cheryl Zondi, Demi Lovato, Lerato Sengadi, and Siam Lee.


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