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How Onboardly helps companies bring on new employees faster and better


Recruiting, orienting, and managing new staff can be time-consuming and fraught with opportunities for error.

The procedure might take between one and two weeks to complete, beginning with the sending out of contracts and concluding with their signing, as well as the provision of access to organizations’ communication tools such as Slack and engineering resources such as Github.

 If a company called Onboardly, a human resources (HR) startup, had its way, the procedure would take no more than ten minutes.

Onboardly is a company that provides staff onboarding and management software for businesses, with a clear preference for rapidly expanding startups. The company was established in 2021 by Joshua Oguntade. According to Oguntade, the company’s premise is that for startups to proliferate, all of its procedures must be flexible . This is especially important when hiring new employees and ensuring they integrate effectively into the company.

When Oguntade, a Nigerian in Ghana, got a job at GitHub, he devised the idea to speed up the onboarding process for African companies.

It took only three days for me to be onboarded,” Oguntade, chatting to TechCabal over the phone from his home in Accra, told the publication. “Everything was automated, which meant that during my first week on the job, I was already familiar with every tool I would need to work on, and I was virtually ready to start pushing production code.

Oguntade is a member of the software engineering team. Between 2016 and 2018, he worked as a resident entrepreneur at MEST Africa in Ghana. The same year he left his position at MEST, he began working as a contract software engineer for GitHub and eventually became a senior software engineer for Andela.

However, in 2020 he started working for Flutterwave as a product manager for compliance. He remained in this position for more than a year before deciding to leave and launch his own business. Oguntade has worked for several firms in various situations, and he claims that this has given him insight into the wild nature of human relationship management.

We provide businesses with the ability to manage their personnel pools in their entirety here at Onboardly. Because there are too many stops, we will have to combine them all onto a single platform,” he explained.

At this time, the company makes it possible for other businesses to carry out all of their onboarding activities, including issuing contracts, creating work emails, and providing access to working equipment.

On the organization’s website, there is a little video demonstrating how new employees can be provided access to everything they require to complete their tasks.Access could be denied to employees who are leaving the organization.

Onboardly is compatible with various software applications, including Google Workspace, Microsoft, Slack, Jira, Heroku, Asana, GitHub, and Basecamp.

This indicates that if a corporation employs these tools, Onboardly can be used to create accounts for newly hired employees, control employee access to these accounts, and revoke employee access to these accounts. In addition, the platform gives companies a central location from which they can conduct headcounts and view their staff directory.

Additionally, the platform gives companies a central location from which they can view their employee directories and headcounts. Oguntade explained that their platform sanitizes, simplifies, and organizes employee data to enable businesses to more efficiently assign specific responsibilities to particular workers or vice versa.

One employer for example  a manager) can also ask teammates to help manage their company’s accounts.

According to the company’s Chief Executive Officer, efforts are currently being made to form partnerships with other enterprises, both domestically and internationally, so that “we can help businesses produce maximum satisfaction for their employees.”

For example, Onboardly has formepartnered WiiCreate, a Nigerian startup specializing in producing branded merchandise for other startups. This partnership makes it possible for businesses to send swags to their employees after or during the onboarding process, and they can do so directly from the Onboardly dashboard.

The CEO says Onboardly makes money by charging companies with just 20 employees $50 per month for a flexible subscription. For businesses with more than 20 workers, the company charges $4 per month for each worker.

Oguntade said that more than 170 companies worldwide use Onboardly and that “that most of them are in Nigeria ans Ghana and are Y Combinator companies like Curacel Float, Mono, etc.”

Onboardly has a small staff of only five people, and Oguntade is the CEO and CTO of the company. The startup has completed a pre-seed funding round to broaden its product offerings and develop additional features. Oguntade predicted that the company’s runway would stay on the positive side for some time even though it is continuously searching for suitable investors.

We started by making the process of onboarding people faster and more efficient. Still, our ultimate goal is to assist businesses in developing a culture that makes their employees happy,” he said.




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