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IoT and AI are The Answers to Tackle the Challenge in Public Transportation


TechInAfrica – Kenyan government will launch Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) in the capital city, Nairobi and other cities in the country. It’s currently still on preparation and expectedly, more than 900 BRTs with high capacity will be available as a solution to mass transportation challenge across Kenya.

In accordance with the mass transportation solution, some technology transport companies are currently preparing for offering solutions that involve AI and data analysis that will affect mass transportation.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to Data Integrated, a tech transportation firm based in Nairobi, the company is planning to introduce digital payments and scheduling with the help of AI and IoT.

Mary Mwangi, Chief Executive Officer at Data Integrated, said, “It is super important to use technology and data collection to help in planning and scheduling since we are using facts and real-time data.”

Mwangi continued, “City planners have not used technology and data in traffic and transport management because it seems not to be a priority at the moment and somehow change is difficult too.”

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

Data Integrated works with some of the bus companies. They work together to launch digital ticketing services and scheduling in the first and second quarter of 2019. Furthermore, it also is designing smart payment system to calculate the volume of passengers as well as helping bus owners to schedule trips.

Besides Data Integrated, a bus reservation firm based in Egypt, Swvl, is also creating its own bus scheduling services in Nairobi after the launch in Cairo in 2017. The firm has launched five routes and allows users to book a seat through its app.


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