Kenya Launches Bold Initiative: 1,450 New Tech Hubs to Boost ICT Growth


In a digital hub, we can generate 300 digital jobs, fostering the creation of 1,500 opportunities for youths across five average-sized wards in a constituency. These hubs, situated in villages, will connect local youth with both national and international companies.

Owalo reiterated the government’s dedication to completing the project, aiming to position Kenya as the ICT hub of Africa.

Kenya stands out in Africa’s digital transformation, consistently launching initiatives to boost development and economic growth. Currently ranked as Africa’s second most technologically advanced nation, Kenya recently introduced a comprehensive ten-year digital master plan.

The strategic blueprint for digital advancement has four fundamental pillars: digital infrastructure, digital services and data management, digital skills, and fostering digital innovation for entrepreneurship.

Aligned with the digital infrastructure pillar is establishing 1,450 information and communication hubs nationwide. This initiative encompasses the deployment of 25,000 hotspots in key public areas and business hubs, the establishment of the government cloud, the expeditious development of the Konza technopolis/intelligent city, the construction of regional ICT infrastructure, and the formulation of a sustainable power strategy to bolster the overall infrastructure.

The government is set to expedite the rollout of the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP) in schools, commencing in March 2022, in collaboration with private sector partners. This initiative, designed to impart contemporary technology skills to students from an early age, has resulted in the deployment of 1,170,846 digital devices across 22,891 public primary schools.




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