Kenya’s Rural Towns to Get Pocket-Friendly Internet Connections

Intelllium Technology, Dale Daniels, Brad Nightingale

Internet penetration is on the rise in across many African countries. There is a need to connect the continent to the outside world. Therefore Intelllium Technology comes in to ensure that this is made possible. Intelllium Technology based in Auckland collaborated with Startle. The partnership will lead an initiative that hopes to offer internet connections to four rural towns in Kenya.  The company is working out to connect rural Africa to the outside world. It leverages the local expertise to offer internet to the educational facilities.

The company has a total of 10-years experience in IT support. It also targets to provide pocket-friendly internet to the rural towns in New Zealand. New Zealand does not take internet connectivity with the seriousness that should be. On the other sides, Kenyans take the internet as a luxury rather than a basic need. Moreover, the connection will utilize solar energy for internet penetration.

Intellium will lead its experience in using the current microwave points to connect places that are hard to reach in New Zealand. The areas will, therefore, get connected to the global web. The areas will also get transmitted to high vantage points. This will be through microwave radio dishes from metropolitan.  Moreover, the connection in Kenya will cover 100km from Mombasa. This will be via three rural towns that will end at Marigat. The rural towns are now depending on the 3G mobile data. The 3G mobile data is always expensive and unreliable at the same time.

The move will offer pocket-friendly internet for various learning institutions. However, mapping the remote areas where the connection will travel has been challenging. Leasing and getting space for the microwave radio equipment at the required elevation has also brought some challenges. Construction of the network will take place between May and June 2018. This will be done by Dale Daniels (Intelllium director of infrastructure) and Brad Nightingale (Network Engineer)

The two will also train the locals to be able to do the building themselves. That means that Intellium will only need to offer equipment.  The locals will hence tap in the equipment in future. The equipment is used to protect the dishes from sandstorm interference. Besides, the move will be of help to teachers and pupils in rural schools and communities. It will keep them at par with the global opportunities and resources.


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