Kenyan Climate Startup Octavia Carbon Raises Funds for Carbon Capture Tech


Octavia Carbon has recently obtained funding to enhance its Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology. This technology primarily focuses on removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. The firm is dedicated to fighting climate change by developing, constructing, and implementing machines specifically designed to capture CO2 directly from the atmosphere using DAC technology. Martin Freimüller, the founder and CEO of Octavia Carbon, underlined the critical importance of carbon capture technologies in tackling climate change. He confidently stated that their DAC technology will play a significant role in decreasing worldwide carbon emissions, aiding in achieving a net-zero future.

Octavia Carbon is at the forefront of creating technological solutions and offers a platform where individuals and companies can buy carbon credits. This service is accessible and affordable, helping people and businesses reduce their carbon footprint. At the same time, Octavia Carbon is committed to promoting climate justice in Kenyan communities. Octavia Carbon achieves cost-effective operations by harnessing Kenya’s abundant geothermal resources, geographical benefits, and skilled workfor

The company’s mission, envisioned by Martin Freimüller, focuses on delivering innovative technology while responding to the increasing demand for reliable and durable carbon credits. Esther Mwikali, the Investment Manager at Renew Capital, is enthusiastic about backing Octavia Carbon’s projects. Renew Capital, which concentrates on impact investments in Africa, acknowledges Octavia Carbon’s critical role in addressing global climate issues. The investment Octavia Carbon has secured highlights the significance of leading in climate solutions and underscores Africa’s role in driving a sustainable future.




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