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Kingson Capital And AKRO Partnership: A New Era For Future Venture Ecosystems


TechInAfrica – Kingson Capital is forming a partnership with AKRO Accelerate to allow the South African startups an opportunity to flourish their potential in the form of two-week boot camp held on U.S. The participants shall pitch their freshest business idea and 20 pre-selected startups will compete to attend the camp.

Kingson Capital is known as an international and corporate-backed venture capital company that is committed to providing service for High-Growth Tech and Black Owned-SME’s, by clearing their financial hindrance, allowing them to survive their business.

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Along with KROA, this partnership reveals a two-day event that will be hosted on 28th to 29th August 2019, having the pre-selected startups challenging each other to win the boot camp offer, which will serve as a learning path for them on better grasping the practical aspect of venture sustenance, as they will see the actual process of redefining one’s business.

“This event speaks to what is so desperately needed in South Africa: giving an outlet to startups to be heard and to be taken seriously in early-stage development, by investors,” said Janine Basel from AKRO. Lack of funding is one of the common factors stalling their growth, with other numerous challenges faced by these startup companies. AKRO plans to focus on tech-enabled business, meaning technology will become the foremost support when tackling the hurdles of running a startup.

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Kingson Capital whom shares the same concern, paired investment with business support through its investment structure, as reflected by the joint event. Founder of Kingson, Gavin Reardon, believes the sustenance part usually fails due to the lack of support and said, “In a South African context, we are looking to build on these ecosystems, and from that growth, all players will reap the long-term benefits.”



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