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Kofa and Autopax Launch High-Tech Electric Motorcycle Venture


In a historic move towards sustainable transportation, Kofa and Autopax have forged a pioneering agreement to commence the assembly and distribution of an innovative electric motorcycle model. This model has been meticulously designed and rigorously tested in Kenya and Ghana, specifically for the African market. The signing ceremony, which took place on February 15, 2024, in Nairobi, marks a significant milestone in propelling eco-friendly transport solutions forward in Kenya and across Africa.

This strategic partnership perfectly aligns with President William Ruto’s Government Green Transport Initiative, which aims to drastically reduce carbon emissions and tackle the urgent challenges of climate change. The collaboration underscores the unwavering commitment of Kenya and Ghana to lead the way in pioneering sustainable mobility solutions across the African continent.

The cutting-edge electric motorcycle, designed to excel in Kenya’s challenging conditions, is undergoing extensive testing throughout the region. With a focus on durability and efficiency, it caters to the diverse needs of boda-boda services, corporate fleets, and personal transportation.

Kofa, a key player in the initiative, is poised to establish a sustainable battery swap network, offering a reliable energy storage solution tailored to the market’s demands.

Meanwhile, Autopax Limited will oversee the assembly of the motorcycles and the production of local components, adhering to Kenyan localization regulations. Additionally, the company will develop a robust distribution network spanning Kenya and the wider East and Central Africa region, ensuring widespread accessibility and customer support.

Joy Kalua, CEO of Autopax, remarked, “Our collaboration signifies a substantial stride towards sustainable transportation and underscores our dedication to pioneering approaches tailored to the specific requirements of Kenyan enterprises and visionaries.”

Erik Nygard, CEO of Kofa, believes that the Kore2 Swap & Go network is on the brink of transforming the electric vehicle landscape in Kenya. With a commitment to keeping electric motorcycles continuously powered and accessible, they are laying the foundation for a future that is both sustainable and efficient.

This agreement signifies a significant milestone in Kenya’s path towards sustainable development and eco-friendly transportation. The collaborators are dedicated to providing a strong solution that tackles environmental issues while offering feasible, economical, and dependable transportation choices for Kenya’s evolving market. Our goals reach beyond commerce as we strive to offer viable mobility solutions to empower the aspirations of the African Community.




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