The Launch of Technology Plan Envisioned to Reduce Poverty Levels in Africa

The Launch of Technology Plan Envisioned to Reduce Poverty Levels in Africa

Pathway for prosperity is a new initiative, gaining roots in Kenya. It focuses on enhancing the technological use and aid in reducing poverty levels in Kenya. A newly formed commission on Technology and Inclusive Development inaugurated by Melinda Gates- a renowned American philanthropist launched the program.

It is believed that the new technology will enhance governance. This is because, it incorporates the use of robotics, artificial technology, automation among other technological advanced thoughts. The commission is concerned about increasing the technological use among the African countries and therefore accustomed to making investigations on the emerging use of technology.

According to Melinda Gates, it is possible for innovation to transform people’s lives. However, this will work, if and only if they have proper access to it. She continues to argue that this technological advancement will bring into contact both doers and critical thinkers. The recent publications indicate researchers are employing different technical models to help resolve the problem but in vain.

It was during the launch of the program that Melinda had the great opportunity of holding talks with other co-chairs of the commission. She noted that the board was granted the best opportunity that would aid in providing the long-awaited technology. Therefore, the technology could transform the lives of the poor citizens. Also, she emphasized that the commission is intending to hold various meetings in different countries to see on the better and appropriate ways of enhancing the noble technological idea.

It is from the discussion that it came out clear, that the commission can widen its operational scope. The idea of incorporating some other productive fields came in and was considered. The additional investment areas identified included family planning, agriculture, financial services, and nutrition, child health among other spheres. Sri Mulyani Indwati, one of the co-chairs, did note that we live in exciting times. Our society is dynamic, and so our needs keep on advancing. We, therefore, need to improve our technological standards to meet the needs of the coming generation.


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