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LaunchBase Debuts New PropTech Platform in South Africa


 LaunchBase, an innovative marketing and property technology (prop-tech) startup, has developed cutting-edge software. This propTech enables off-plan property developments to be showcased online for public review.

Introducing LaunchBase Proptech: About LaunchBase

Brad Morgan and Dean Lederle established the company, aiming to equip developers with the tools to achieve rapid pre-sale success. Their platform, designed to cater specifically to the needs of property developers, reflects the combined expertise of its founders. Lederle contributes his skills in design and marketing, while Morgan brings a wealth of experience in property development and marketing.

Launchbase Proptech launch: Offers And Benefits 

PropTech offers a diverse array of features that enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the real estate business. It provides property developers with essential tools for property listing, virtual property tours, and analytics for property management, ensuring a streamlined and enhanced process that maximizes client satisfaction. Lederle emphasized their expertise in off-plan property development marketing, highlighting their ability to craft distinctive brand campaigns and utilize targeted digital marketing to drive users to their LaunchBase platform, facilitating a seamless journey from initial interest to successful purchase.

Morgan emphasized the customer-centric nature of the propTech platform, highlighting its user-friendly interface and transparenit communication channels between buyers and developers. The platform facilitates easy browsing of available properties, assists clients in finding their ideal units, and enables secure reservation deposits. It also provides developers with a streamlined way to showcase their developments to potential buyers.



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