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MyDawa from Kenya Secures $20 Million to Expand Digital Health Initiatives Across Africa


Healthcare in Africa is a complicated and multifaceted problem with a lot of challenges and chances. With more than 1.3 billion people living in different countries, cultures, and economic situations, ensuring everyone gets the health care they need is still a big job. 

Although headway has been made over time, many African nations’ healthcare frameworks wrestle with numerous obstacles. However, the transition towards digitized healthcare in recent years has improved, with the sector now poised for considerable expansion.

MyDawa, a thriving e-health startup based in Nairobi, is at the forefront of this digital healthcare revolution. The startup recently secured a $20 million investment from private equity investor Alta Semper Capital. It aims to extend its regional influence and diversify its product offerings, evolving into a comprehensive health platform for users.

Established in 2016 by Neil O’Leary, MyDawa provides a technology-driven service enabling users to purchase a broad selection of premium medication and wellness products affordably and conveniently through their mobile phones. The startup has now incorporated online and in-person consultations and laboratory services within its rapidly growing network of pharmacies and health centers.

In 2019, through grants, MyDawa got $3 million from AAIC’s Africa Healthcare Fund and $1.2 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This grant helps stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by making it easier for people to get Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis drugs.

To foster growth within the healthcare sector, MyDawa has rolled out its branded product line and is poised to share its technological infrastructure, spanning telehealth to fulfillment.

The company reports signing contracts with several of Kenya’s leading clinic chains aiming to expand their customer base. As part of its expansion strategy beyond Kenya, MyDawa is also eyeing potential acquisitions and partnerships, with Uganda’s Guardian Health being a prospective collaborator.




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