LinkedIn Profile Picture: Things You Need To Know

LinkedIn profile is your online CV and as such, everything included in your profile should be professional


I get it; you have the cutest kids, wife, and pet. You can’t help but show them off when an opportunity presents itself. But how about you leave that to, hmm, I mean your social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. 


Your LinkedIn profile is vital in your career journey, full stop!

 Unfortunately, I have seen people ask; how about showing off my beautiful wife or cute pet or kid on my LinkedIn profile? No way, don’t ever try that.  


Listen, LinkedIn is a professional platform. It is where business-minded people meet. So, whatever you post on your LinkedIn profile, think of it as your CV. Can you share your wife’s picture on your CV; I mean if you were to attach a photo to it? I guess your answer is no. 


Why can’t you use the picture of your spouse or kid on your profile? 


The answer to this question is simple. Who owns the profile? You, right? Now, who will the employer be talking to? You too! So, the one whose picture should be on that LinkedIn profile is you. Let your wife’s picture remain on Facebook and other social platforms, please. 


What about posting what you do on your LinkedIn profile? 


The best kind of photo to use on your LinkedIn profile is a portrait of you, dressed corporately. Dress like you are going for an interview. You can smile, but don’t overdo it. You don’t have to show your 32 teeth that look so white and attractive. Things like these don’t get people jobs. 


Alright, let’s say you are a fashion designer. Can you use a photo of your dress (the one you made or are selling) on your LinkedIn profile?


Now let’s get something straight. Your LinkedIn profile should contain your picture alone. If you sell clothes or work as a miner and feel the need to include a picture of you on-site, please don’t. You can include those pictures in your regular feed and include a small write up about what you do. That’s fine. You can also do the same for the clothes you are making.


Also, you should avoid selfies. Come on, it’s a professional profile you want to create, and the last thing you want is to sound unserious to potential employers. Take a professional picture and dress like you are going for an interview. 


Remember, your LinkedIn profile is your online CV. However, for a business, it is okay to use the logo of the company on the LinkedIn profile



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