Little Cab’s Festive Surprise: Unveils AI-Powered Platform for Personalized Holiday Greetings


Little, the ride-hailing app, has introduced a new platform that harnesses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to allow people to craft their personalized Santa Christmas cards. This innovative technology empowers users to design holiday cards that perfectly match their preferences.

Christmas cards made easy with AI technology

Little Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kamal Budhabhatti highlighted the platform’s diverse festive content, enabling users to design and share holiday greetings easily across social media and emails.

“We encourage you to celebrate the festive spirit by crafting personalized Santa Christmas cards using AI technology. It’s an exciting and innovative way to create special messages for your friends and family.”

“Accessible across computers and mobile devices, the optimized experience on computer screens offers users the opportunity to fully explore the platform’s capabilities. Discover the joy of spreading holiday happiness by crafting a unique Christmas card, personalized by you with a touch of AI!” said Budhabhatti.

Little George Lemayian, an AI engineer, underscored the transformative capability of AI tools, highlighting that the technology has arrived at a crucial turning point.

Lemayian emphasized the company’s goal to foster a positive environment for creative expression during the holidays and in the future.

“At, individuals are encouraged to harness the power of AI to craft compelling artwork using the timeless symbols of the season.”

“This innovative technology goes beyond Christmas, encompassing all festive occasions and celebratory moments in the countries where we operate, providing endless opportunities for customization,” Lemayian elaborated.




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