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M-KOPA Launches Pay-As-You-Go Solar Solutions in South Africa


M-KOPA has initiated its pilot operations in South Africa, marking the commencement of its expansion across the continent. This move comes five months after the company secured a substantial $250 million in debt and equity funding.

Known for pioneering the pay-as-you-go model for solar panels and smartphones in East Africa, M-KOPA will collaborate with local retailers and distributors to provide its range of smart products to low-income households in the lively township.

Notably, the company recently advertised a sales executive position on both Glassdoor and Beebee, signaling its commitment to strengthening its presence in Soweto.

Last year, Jesse Moore, CEO and Co-founder of M-KOPA, expressed the company’s ambitious plans to expand into more African markets and reach over 10 million customers in the coming years.

South Africa now stands as the fourth-largest market for M-KOPA, following the company’s successful ventures in Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana, where they have catered to diverse consumers.

In the vibrant landscape of Soweto, M-KOPA aims to replicate the achievements seen in Kenya despite facing challenges posed by frequent power outages caused by load-shedding.

Notwithstanding these obstacles, South Africa’s dynamic and diverse economy presents a promising new frontier for M-KOPA’s growth and innovation.

Starting in Soweto is a strategic decision for M-KOPA, given the township’s similarities to the markets where the company has previously thrived. The demographics of the area, primarily consisting of low to middle-income households, align perfectly with M-KOPA’s product range.

Tech analyst Martin Macharia said entering the South African market is a natural progression. Despite the country’s economic progress, it still faces challenges such as frequent power outages and a significant portion of the population lacking regular access to essential amenities.

M-KOPA’s innovative solutions, which have enjoyed great success in Kenya and, to some extent, in Nigeria, are well-positioned to provide much-needed relief in these areas. Through partnerships with local retailers and distributors, M-KOPA contributes to the economy and integrates itself within the community, ensuring that its solutions are customized to meet the specific needs of South African consumers.

M-KOPA offers a range of products, including smartphones, electric motorcycles, and solar power systems. These items can be conveniently paid for in small, manageable installments using customers’ mobile phones. The products are equipped with a smart digital connection that grants customers instant ownership and access to essential services.

By March 2022, M-KOPA had successfully served 2 million customers across four African markets. With its recent funding achievements, the company is well-positioned to emerge as a dominant player in this sector, potentially reaching unicorn status.




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