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Mastercard and Kasha to empower women while supporting micro-entrepreneurs in Africa

Kasha global

Mastercard has expanded its partnership with Kasha Global Incorporated by investing in purpose-driven e-commerce. The companies will commit to a shared effort that ensures women from emerging markets have essential access to health and personal care products alongside information supporting their everyday hygiene needs.

Kasha combines offline and online capabilities that allow women from urban and rural areas to meet confidential personal care orders. This utilizes the product’s full product catalog that’s available online by placing orders into mobile handsets that women can search, order, and pay. Such products are discreetly delivered by micro-enterpreneurs helping them grow their local businesses in the process.

Kasha joined Microsoft’s StartPath a global startup engagement program a springboard helping late-stage startups maximize their chances of success. Since then, Microsoft has worked with Kasha to integrate digital payment solutions into its e-commerce platform.

Joanna Bichsel, Kasha CEO and founder expressed thrill in the continuation of the new partnership with Mastercard.

Microsoft believes the new partnership with Kasha will help in its plan to impact a billion people and admit over 50 million small and micro businesses to the digital economy by 2025.


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