MasterCard launch Fintech Express for companies in the Middle East and Africa

fintech express

MasterCard has announced a new program aimed at companies dealing with financial technologies across Africa and the Middle East. The program dubbed the ‘Fintech express’ will leverage MasterCard’s global network and technological expertise, all of which are crucial for most of these startups and innovations.

The fintech express is split into three clusters; Access, Build, and Connect. Access is where the companies get a Mastercard License and access the network through streamlined onboarding.

The build is where the company becomes an Express partner by developing technology alliances that are win-win to all players involved. Startups keen on adding payment solutions to their host of products get to connect with Express Partners on the Mastercard’s Engage web portal.

As an Express partner, brands will simplify payment solutions shortening the process to a few days. The Fintech Express is part of the Mastercard Accelerate program made of four programs: Start Path, Developers, Fintech Express, and Engage.


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