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MasterCard partners with Telda to launch money payment app


MasterCard and Telda have partnered to launch a first-of-its-kind money payment app. The partnership will promote digital transformation across Egypt. Telda facilitates digital payments by offering digital financial services on its app. Telda also issues MasterCard pre-paid cards where the latter facilitates payment processing.

Telda App runs several features such as sending and receiving money. It is the first market app to offer a fully digitized card payment experience through a button click. Users need not open a bank account to use it. Customers can simply move money through simple steps and control their prepaid accounts with its money management features that allow control of their prepaid account using simple and easy money management features.

Mohamed Assem, Egypt’s Mastercard country manager said the partnership with Telda “promotes the digital transformation of the Egyptian economy.” 

Ahmed Sabbah, the co-founder and CEO at Telda, described themselves as a brand “built for Millennials and GenZ.” 


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