MDaaS, a Nigerian Health Tech Innovator, Secures $3 Million in Pre-Series A Investment


MDaaS Global, a health tech startup, has successfully secured $3 million in pre-Series A funding to enhance its services. This funding will primarily support the expansion of its tech-driven diagnostic centers throughout Nigeria. Additionally, the investment will help in the further development and deployment of BeaconOS, their unique technology platform introduced last year. 

The company, which has been operational for seven years, aims to extend its healthcare network to encompass every state in Nigeria. This expansion will be realized through a mix of company-owned centers and affiliated clinics.

Leading the funding round were Aruwa Capital and Newton Partners, with the latter also having been the primary investor in the startup’s $2.3 million seed extension back in 2021. Moreover, MDaaS received additional support from Ventures Platform, elevating its total funding to $6.8 million.

We are excited to collaborate with MDaaS Global in their innovative efforts to transform healthcare in Africa. The consistent and notable growth demonstrated by MDaaS, alongside their commitment to providing top-notch diagnostic services to those in dire need, has profoundly impacted us. As investors with a focus on gender equality, we are particularly enthusiastic about backing an organization that champions women’s health in Nigeria — with over 60% of BeaconHealth’s clientele being women, primarily in their reproductive years. Furthermore, we share MDaaS’s dedication to fostering gender-diverse work environments.

Founded by CEO Oluwasoga Oni, Opeyemi Ologun, and Genevieve Oni in 2017, MDaaS provides a variety of diagnostic services at its centers, including digital x-ray and ultrasound imaging, ECG and echocardiograms for cardiac care, and a wide range of laboratory services from chemical analysis to immunoassays and hematology.

“From our last update several years ago, the company has significantly increased its footprint, now boasting 17 diagnostic centers spread over 10 states. Moving forward, MDaaS has plans to open another 23 centers in the next few years,” CEO Oluwasoga Oni remarked.

Since starting, MDaaS has delivered medical care to more than 275,000 patients through its integrated care network and BeaconOS technology. In the most recent year, the health technology company served 108,724 patients, with women making up 60.8% of that total. Furthermore, MDaaS performed over 240,000 diagnostic tests, with the most common being chest X-rays, urinalysis, and complete blood counts.

Patients gain access to these services via the SentinelX app, which offers a personalized care program. This enables them to pay a one-time fee for annual access to medical consultations.




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