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MTN Advances IoT and E-Waste Initiatives Across Africa


Telecom giant MTN is expanding its Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities in South Africa through a new partnership while addressing electronic waste in Benin.

MTN South Africa recently announced an agreement with Eseye, a global IoT services provider. This will enhance MTN’s infrastructure by integrating Eseye’s solutions like device management and analytics. Eseye’s expertise aims to accelerate MTN’s IoT deployment across Africa.

The deal provides an upgraded centralised platform to remotely manage IoT devices and meet growing demand. MTN stated it enables differentiated IoT services and moves them closer to their connectivity goals.

In a separate sustainability initiative, MTN Benin collaborated with Ericsson on an e-waste recycling project. Since 2021, it has collected over 123 metric tons of end-of-life electronic equipment.

The program supports MTN’s climate pledge to reduce emissions and mitigate environmental impacts by 2040. It also tackles the unsafe disposal of electronic waste, which can release greenhouse gases and harm health.

Rising technology adoption in Benin has increased e-waste generation. Proper recycling reduces environmental footprints and creates a circular economy where waste becomes new resources.

Ericsson transports the deprecated equipment to certified recyclers in South Africa. MTN Benin receives certificates ensuring safe disposal and materials recovery.

This program aligns with the tech sector’s growing environmental, social and governance commitments. Both companies emphasised their responsibility to support sustainability through responsible recycling.

As a continent leader, MTN is leveraging partnerships across its markets to enable technological growth while limiting associated waste. Its IoT deal unlocks new capabilities for business customers, while its recycling project reduces environmental harm.



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