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Mukuru Clean Stoves of Kenya is the winner of the £1 million Earthshot Prize at the second annual awards ceremony.


One of the five winners of the second annual Earthshot Prize for 2022 is Mukuru Clean Stoves, which is based in Kenya. After a nine-month hunt for the most creative and inspiring solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems, each of the five winners will get £1 million.

From all over the world, more than a thousand applications came in, including one for Mukuru Clean Stoves.

Mukuru Clean Stoves, Kenya, makes stoves that burn cleaner to reduce risky indoor pollution and give women in Kenya a safer way to cook.

The founder and CEO of Mukuru Clean Stoves, Charlot Magayi, said, “It’s a great honor to get this award from the Earthshot Prize.”

In 2017, I set out to help Mukuru women clean up the air inside their homes. Five years later, 200,000 homes in Kenya are using our stoves. The Earthshot Prize will help us reach 1 million homes, making the air healthier for 5 million people and bringing us one step closer to our goal of getting rid of household air pollution.

Here are some other winners:

India is vulnerable to climate change. The Kheyti program helps farmers in this country by lowering prices, increasing yields, and protecting their way of life.

Australia’s Indigenous Women of the Great Barrier Reef is an inspiring program run by women that uses digital technology and 60,000 years of indigenous knowledge to protect land and sea.

Notpla is a circular solution created in the UK that uses seaweed instead of plastic for packaging.

44.01, a way to permanently store CO2 underground in the form of rock developed in Oman. Named after the amount of  molecular  mass of carbon dioxide

According to the Earthshot Prize, which works to develop and implement creative solutions, the world should be firmly on track toward a stable climate by 2030.

“I think the Earthshot solutions you’ve seen tonight show that we can solve the toughest problems facing our planet,” the Prince of Wales said in his speech at the event. We can change our future if we help and grow them.

Prince William and The Royal Foundation set up the Earthshot Prize as a global environmental prize in 2020. Its objective is to find, promote, and scale up new, eco-friendly ways to fix and rebuild the earth.

The 2023 Earthshot Prize is now accepting applications.




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