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NGSTQB announces the theme and schedule for the first software testing conference in Nigeria, which is called TestNigeria Conference 1.0.


The Nigerian Software Testing Qualification Board (NGSTQB) has announced its intention to organize the first Software Testing Conference to be held in Nigeria, which will be given the name “TestNigeria Conference 1.0.”

NGSTQB is a part of the International Association Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), the most prestigious organization in the world for the certification of professionals working in the software testing industry.

The President of NGSTQB, Boye Dare, announced that the first TestNigeria Conference would take place on November 22 and 23, 2022 at the Lagos Oriental Hotel on Lekki road in Lagos. The conference will be centred on the “Impact of Software Quality Assurance in the Nigerian Digital Economy” and will be presided over by Mr Boye Dare.

He mentioned that the TestNigeria Conference 1.0 would include a networking cocktail, keynote talks, panel sessions, fireside chats, and specific workshops on Software Test Improvement in Organizations. The software testing ecosystem in Nigeria’s education sector is growing, and organizations need certified test professionals.

In addition to reiterating the need for software testing, Mr Dare emphasized how important it is for Nigeria to establish a reputation as a nation that produces high-quality software.

In his words, “Testing is vital since everyone of us is prone to making errors.” Some of those errors are insignificant, while others can be costly and even dangerous.

“Software failures can be abysmal for the value and reputation of a company.”. For example, the market value of UK-based loan company Provident Financial dropped by 1.7 billion pounds (about 2.4 billion dollars) in 2017 because of a bug in their newly developed scheduling software. To the point where only around half of their loan payments were collected when they were scheduled to be paid. This flaw caused the corporation to lose a total of 170 million dollars and 120 million pounds in profit, making it the worst financial disaster in the history of the business.

According to a recent study that was conducted by Synopsys, Inc. in collaboration with the Consortium for Information and Software Quality (CISQ), the price tag for subpar software quality in the United States in the year 2020 was around $2.08 trillion. Nigeria’s Digital Economy strategy says that Nigerians are very creative and that a thriving digital economy will give Nigeria’s large population jobs and help millions of Nigerians get out of poverty.

 According to the President of the NGSTQB, realizing the goals of Nigeria’s Digital Economy strategy is the shared responsibility of every individual and company in the country.

“In light of all of this, the NGSTQB came up with the idea for the TestNigeria Conference 1.0, which is the first Software Testing Conference in Nigeria that is all about software testing and quality assurance.

He also mentioned that various professionals and authorities in the local, national, and international domains of software testing had been invited to speak at the event scheduled to take place in Lagos on November 22-23, 2022.


Designed as a forum for IT professionals to explore how the Nigerian IT ecosystem may begin producing high-quality software that is up to international standards and contribute to the realization of Nigeria’s Digital Economy Strategy, this event will serve as a platform for the discussion. The conference targets software developers, banks, government institutions, telecoms, fintech companies, industry regulators, and significant users of sensitive software, among others.

Details can be found on the website, which can be found here, or by clicking




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