Nigeria and Kenya Enlisted in the Global Fintech 100


Tech startups from Africa are making the continent proud – with hundreds of tech companies all around the world, two of Africa’s finest have made it to the prestigious list of Fintech 100 startups.

The two startups are precisely from Nigeria and Kenya. They were named among the best-emerging tech startups in the world. The startups were named among the 50 best-emerging startups. The annual Fintech 100 report is a programme organized by the H2 ventures and KPMG. The idea was to recognize tech startups that are doing well in their respective businesses.

Tech startups are selected from different parts of the world, including Africa. The organizers have a way of accessing Fintech startups before adding them to the list. The Fintech 100 is a close contest among the tech startups. Only the best from all over the continent are selected and added to the list.

The Fintech 100 report organized by H2 Ventures and KPMG gives a more detailed view of financial tech startups all over the world. The report this time featured fintech companies from just 29 countries. The programme is open to all startups that are doing absolutely well in their respective businesses. These startups offer something new to the system.

The programme is shared into two parts. The first part is to recognize the top 50 fintech companies in different parts of the world, while the second part features the best-emerging startups. The second part features the 50 best emerging fintech startups that are doing really great. And this year’s edition had over 3 of the best African companies added to the emerging section in the list.

The companies selected were two startups from Nigeria and one from Kenya. The two startups from Nigeria are financial management app, Riby, and payment-company called Flutterwave. The other startup from Kenya added to the list includes an insurtech startup called GrassRoots Bima. However, this was not the first time an African company has made the list of best-emerging companies in the world. Zoona, a South African startup was also part of the previous list that was made.

Fintech startups are on the rise in Africa. Disrupt Africa has recently given a Finnovating for Africa report which is centered on the fintech startup scene in Africa. They were able to track over 301 startups that were active in the space.


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