Nigerian Startup AlGROWithm Secures Funding to Expand Growth Talent Accelerator Programme


AlGROWithm, a Nigerian startup, has secured funding to broaden the reach of its exclusive Growth Talent Accelerator Programme across six African nations.

Digital Africa has generously provided our company with the necessary funding to extend our training programs into new African markets. Additionally, scholarships are being offered to aspiring growth hackers keen on enrolling in our program.

The Growth Talent Accelerator Programme, established in March 2022 by alGROWithm, provides cutting-edge ed-tech solutions for aspiring growth hackers.

The company has broadened its applicant pool to include countries such as South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya, moving beyond its initial focus on Nigeria and Ghana. Additionally, alGROWithm has launched two innovative programs, GTAP Lite for individuals and GTAP Pro for businesses.

Since our pilot in 2022, we have pinpointed two crucial needs within the ecosystem. The demand for growth hacking talent remains high, evident from the rapid employment of our previous trainees. Furthermore, we have noticed a trend where companies prefer to enhance the skills of their current teams rather than recruit new talent from scratch,” explained alGROWithm’s founder and chief growth officer, Bili Sule.

Last year, we successfully implemented the Pro model with prominent companies such as Paga, Figorr, and Kebble, yielding excellent results. This success has influenced our decision to continue offering both propositions. In the upcoming year, our goal is to train more than 150 growth leads across East, West, and Southern Africa. This underscores our unwavering dedication to bridging the talent gap in the ecosystem and empowering African businesses to achieve unprecedented success.




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