IderaOS launches escrow payment platform targeting online shoppers

The Nigerian startup launches eCommerce software ListBuy


IderaOS introduced ListBuy an eCommerce software with an escrow payment system safeguarding online buyers from fraud, accepts local payments, and enables e-commerce delivery.

Listbuy offers customers exactly what they order by leveraging on their powerful product verification system, and an escrow system built for merchant stores. IderaOS eases online selling for both merchants and customers.

The name “Idera” is a Yoruba word meaning ease.

The app was originally designed for dropshippers and MSMEs. ListBuy is an eCommerce platform helping users sell their products conveniently. Businesses can easily manage their storefronts from a user-friendly control panel where they can customize their storefront’s display, and organize their products.

IderaOS software brings the aspect of trust occasioned by transparency, which lacks in most African businesses. The app aspires to get 5,000 enterprises running and keep making money daily.

The founder Olalekan Quadry, boasts an impressive resume having worked with international companies like Unicom and Accenture for many years. His decision to work on their idea was inspired by the desire to create prosperity and reduce poverty by promoting small businesses.

Rasheed Ridwan is the co-founder and a product specialist, domain expert, and small business consultant.

E-commerce business owners can rely on an ecosystem that’s conducive to their business operations anywhere in the world.

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