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Nigeria’s online bank Eyowo Announces the Launch of a Panless Debit Card in Collaboration with MasterCard


A Nigerian online bank called Eyowo has released a digital debit card called “e Better Card.”

The Eyowo debit card is a numberless Mastercard that gives cardholders access to a safer and more streamlined payment experience. This experience removes the possibility of card fraud by allowing cardholders to store their payment credentials in a secure location within the Eyowo X mobile app.

In his keynote address, the Chief Executive Officer of Eyowo, Omoseindemi Olubayo, emphasized that this is one of the main leaps that the company has taken toward providing banking services that value the relationship that Nigerians and Africans have with their money.

Customers will also receive a revolutionary physical card, which offers the highest level of protection against personal and financial information theft by not containing sensitive information such as the card number or expiration date. Nimide Fala, Chief Marketing Officer of Eyowo, presented a brief demonstration of the Better Card during a session in which she discussed the functionality of the card PAN and the expiry date of an e-card digitally saved on the bank app.

Another cool thing you can do with the Eyowo app is freeze spending or set limits on how much you can spend. When asked about the driving force behind the creation of the card, the Eyowo team stated that the primary concern when designing it was to ensure the safety of its users.

They have designed an environment that alleviates your concerns about the security of your finances and gives you the ability to prioritize what is most essential to you, which is your money.

Kari Tukur, Vice President of MasterCard SSA, shared some insights about Mastercard’s partnership by saying that the company is committed to the idea of enabling end-to-end digital access, beginning with the point at which a new customer is onboarded and continuing through to the point at which a transaction takes place. It has been a three-year endeavour for the Eyowo Team, intending to improve user security at the forefront of their minds.




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