OfferZen, a South African Firm, Raises $4.3 Million in Funding


OfferZen, a leading South African platform connecting developers with top opportunities, recently closed an impressive US$4.3 million funding round from prestigious investors. The company has also revealed strategic workforce adjustments and enhancements to its business model.

Invenfin and AI Capital recently joined as backers in the startup’s latest funding round.

OfferZen, established in 2015 and launched in 2016, is a premier developer hiring marketplace dedicated to helping businesses achieve more with minimal resources. By connecting vetted developers seeking job opportunities with over 2,000 South African and international companies, OfferZen facilitates efficient and effective recruitment processes.

Securing this funding from investors who align with our long-term vision is a clear validation of our team’s dedication,” expressed OfferZen co-founder Philip Joubert. “We are thrilled to collaborate with investors who offer extensive experience. Their backing and financial support will fuel numerous product enhancements in the upcoming months.

It can be daunting to make significant changes to your business, but as Joubert pointed out, Unlimited has proven to be a valuable asset. With its user-friendly budgeting, competitive pricing, and potential to alleviate customer stress, it has successfully attracted a considerable number of subscribers over the past year.

After a three-year tenure, Joubert is relinquishing the CEO position, with Matt Beck stepping in as his successor. Beck, previously the vice president of marketing, will now assume the role of CEO.

Matt has played a crucial role in advancing our business to new heights, demonstrating a deep affinity for our brand and wholeheartedly embracing our values. Joubert expressed his satisfaction in having Matt as his new boss.

Beck expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming year, stating, “Our customers can anticipate the most substantial platform updates to date. We are set to introduce innovative AI-driven methods for candidates and companies to connect, promising an enhanced experience.”

In addition, the company has revealed updates to its business model. Following a challenging financial year in 2023, OfferZen promptly recognized the struggles its clients were experiencing. To alleviate the financial burden on software organizations, OfferZen introduced a fixed-price unlimited hiring subscription alongside the standard per-hire fee.




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