Opportunity for Nigerian Startups to apply for the Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge, the first of its kind

Startups that provide solutions to critical urban issues can apply to have a chance to get support worth over $10,000 and more!


It is a well-known fact that Lagos, Nigeria, has critical urban issues that need solving. The city has been like that for donkey years. Now the Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge is here to spur startups to provide lasting solutions to these challenges. Utopia, in conjunction with other businesses such as Lagos Innovate, Skoll Foundation, Future Africa, the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation, Rain Tree, and Business Insider, runs the Urban Innovation Challenge program.


All early-stage startups and social entrepreneurs, particularly those that can provide solutions capable of shaping the Lagos of the future, are invited. If you have a startup business that meets the requirements, apply on or before May 31, 2020.


Benefits for Winners of the Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge


Winners of this incredible program stand to gain a lot from the organizers. Besides access to investment worth over 10,000 US dollars, winners will gain access to a virtual urban accelerator and access a support network directly from the program partners. 


Startups that can apply for the Lagos Urban Innovation Challenge


The program is open to startups with ideas that can proffer solutions to critical urban issues that Lagos is facing. The themes include food, water, energy, gov-tech, infrastructure, mobility, including public health and safety.


According to the managing partner of Utopia Lagos, Emmanuel Adegoye, “We can’t deny that major infrastructures need to be built to support Africa’s urban future. And we are more than excited to be among those to support African entrepreneurs working hard to create the kind of future that Africa deserves. Their effort is placing us on the path to a new model of urban growth. 


Shaping the urban future of Lagos can only be possible via innovative approaches, including collaborative efforts between innovators, corporates, government, and the citizens. 


The application is open until May 31, 2020. You can also apply here.


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