Partnership between Eyeonid and MyCybercare to Offer a Better Solution for Cybercrime

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Cybercrimes have been the talk of the day, especially in Africa. Credit goes to those startups partners that work hard to ensure that cybercrime is eradicated. Many people have exposed their important information to the cyber fraudsters in the past. The fraudsters have then accessed their critical information. The information includes bank account numbers, email address, credit card numbers and ID numbers. The disclosure of such information exposes the owners to a possibility of losing their valuables.

The partnership between Eyeonid and MyCybercare will reduce or eradicate cybercrime. MyCybercare will use the Eyeonid’s proactive ID protection. They will also use service monitors to alert customers on sensitive, private and corporate digital information. The solution will also help to check the Entire Web. Moreover, it targets Chat Forums and The Dark Web. It also searches for new unknown and existing Hacking Communities and Hacker Forums. Anybody can access the services irrespective of their financial status.

Additionally, the group will give a customer proactive ID monitoring service and portal. MyCybercare will provide the services into the IT platform. MyCybercare is known for providing antivirus software. The partnership between the two countries will run for two years. Moreover, the service will go for $424,000. African MyCybercare customers will be the first ones to use the service. After six months the service will expand to India, Europe and ME. One can buy the service via MyCybercare e-commerce service.

Africa is the best market for this service globally. The high number of customers and the strong internet usage in Africa make the continent an ideal market. The high knowledge of the African infrastructure by the MyCybercare workers makes the move a success. There is a high demand for the service in various markets globally. This is the right time to execute the project.


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