Why Remote Working is Deemed to be the Best Option for Employees in Africa


The success of many companies depends on its flexibility. Flexibility here we mean the ability to plan on check-in and check-out times so long as it doesn’t interfere with the company’s schedule.  Sir Richard Branson recently introduced a new vacation policy. The policy will not sound that good to many companies. He did away with the holiday duration section meaning an employee can go for a holiday wherever and whenever they wish to so long as their jobs are carried out.

According to the global brand leader for Starwood’s St. Regis, Luxury Collection and W Hotels, Paul James, one can take a long holiday with the family and do whatever they feel like. It’s now the highest time that companies should embrace the fact that irrespective of the company’s working style, the ways of working are changing. This is just a small step of the revolution of work environments defining the future of work. With the rise of the digital era, remote working is, without doubt, the rising trend as a new lifestyle in some companies. Come 2020 more than 40% of the US working population will be in some extend freelancing according to Intuit.

The rising tech, people and the nature of Africa make it an ideal vacation destination. The moment Mark Zuckerberg started to pay a visit to the continent; it just showed that something was cooking. The future is to be developed in Africa, Facebook FB 1.15% according to the Facebook CEO in Nigeria. Wisinomad is opening its doors to working nomads across the globe to explore the African continent and be inspired while working and co-living with other nomads.

A good number of employees currently do not have a specific desk at their workplace since company leadership was inspired to subject employees to interact with others in various functions. This makes the employees shift their workplace on a daily basis. Wisinomad Inc, founded and coordinated by a team of local Africans who understand the African countries eco-system offers internationals and African companies who hire remotely an opportunity to have a vacation while working at the same time. Once joined, one can get co-live and work with a group of top tech master experts. Additionally, you will indirectly champion eco-entrepreneurship, contribute to wildlife conversation and gain a wider understanding of the local African socioeconomic dynamics.

Wisinomad Team is expected to host nomads to work and travel in Botswana and Rwanda come 2018.


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Written by Denis Opudo

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