Revolutionizing South African Banking with Synthesis: The Future of Payments and Banking


A leading South African international banking and wealth management group has partnered with Synthesis to create its upcoming PayShap payments platform.

Their strategic objective is to update current banking systems and introduce a new, cloud-based payment platform. This new platform aims to unify payment processing with a flexible, API-centric interface. This will lay the groundwork for PayShap and provide future support for various payment methods.

The Solution

Synthesis was crucial in building a core component of the unified payments infrastructure, which was critical for processing PayShap payments.. This endeavour also included updating the bank’s payment technology framework. Designed around an event-driven approach, this architecture guarantees reduced latency for instant processing and minimizes potential failure points by segregating different systems within the bank. This project capitalized on specialized knowledge in payment systems, Microsoft Azure, API creation, Akka.NET, and DevOps practices.

The Results

The platform we’ve developed is not only scalable and reliable but also excels in performance. This results in improved operational efficiency, streamlined governance, and a superior customer experience.

Designed with a focus on cloud-native technology and microservices, this platform is adept at handling PayShap payments. Furthermore, its design ensures readiness for upcoming high-value and mass payment solutions.

The integration of PayShap into our platform signifies a crucial step towards payment modernization for the bank. This marks the start of an exciting and transformative journey.




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