Roam and Mogo team up to boost electric motorcycle usage in Kenya


Roam, a Kenyan-based electric mobility pioneer, has recently formed a strategic partnership with Mogo, a leading asset financier in East Africa. This collaboration is a significant milestone in promoting the use of electric motorcycles in Africa.

It aims to empower individuals to transition to electric motorcycles through a financing package that allows boda boda riders to boost their daily earnings by 30%. This initiative not only facilitates Roam’s rapid scaling but also expedites the adoption of electric motorcycles in a wider market.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Mogo, as we aim to tap into the growing market of boda boda riders who are keen on transitioning to electric motorcycles in light of the soaring petrol prices,” stated Mikael Gånge, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Roam.

“By harnessing Mogo’s expertise in asset financing, we can now offer flexible financing options that ensure immediate cost savings for our customers. At Roam, our mission is crystal clear – to deliver the best and most cost-effective electric motorcycles to the market, and Mogo is an invaluable partner in accelerating this mission.”

Roam’s electric motorcycles signify a significant advancement in sustainable transportation, providing cutting-edge features and durable design suited for a variety of applications, such as personal commuting, cargo transportation, ride-sharing, and taxi services. With the backing of Mogo, Roam is committed to expediting the implementation of these electric motorcycles, fostering favorable environmental and socio-economic effects in communities across Africa.

“Our partnership with Roam is set to revolutionize access to electric motorcycles in Africa,” states Rauls Leitis, Business Development Project Manager at Mogo.

“We recognize the burgeoning growth of the electric motorcycle market, and with Roam’s innovative products allowing customers to charge both at home and at the Roam Hubs, we anticipate the electric motorcycle market will surpass the petrol one in the near future.”

Mogo has been an early adopter, purchasing Roam electric motorcycles for their internal staff and witnessing their exceptional performance. Now, they are taking the initiative to provide affordable financing options for these electric motorcycles, further promoting their accessibility.



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