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SA startup DataProphet lands $6 million in Serie-A funding


Award winning AI manufacturing company DataProphet is one the verge of an international expansion drive. The Cape Town-based startup helps manufacturers implement autonomous manufacturing and just completed a $6 million round.

South Africa has a vibrant mining sector responsible for building it to the economic powerhouse it is today. DataProphet has focused greatly on the foundry sector. Early this year, DataProphet partnered with Norican to speed the adoption of AI in the foundry industry.

DataProphet received a vital capital infusion from Knife Capital 2 years ago. The recent $6 million syndicated funding from Knife Capital alongside IDC, Norican Group.

Norican, a company headquartered in Denmark intends to rollout DataProphet products to its entire line. The plans will ensure manufacturing plants operat eeffiencintly and meet their manufacturing requirements.

Frans Cronjeis rthe CEO and co-founder of DataProphet. In a staement, he emphasized, “South Africa will remain our engineering and operational hub as we have access to great talent.”

Anders Wilhjelm, the CEO of Norican Group weighed in his thoughts, ““What started as a commercial co-operation with DataProphet has developed into a partnership, and now we will also become a shareholder.


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