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Safaricom Announces the Commercial Launch of 5G Services in Kenya


Safaricom has announced the availability of 5G Wi-Fi, which will provide its users with speedy internet at home and business, complementing its expanding fibre network.

Safaricom was the first service provider in Kenya to announce 5G trials in March of last year. This means that customers in 5G-ready areas can now connect their homes and businesses to the internet quickly and reliably.

We believe in the power of the internet to change things and will keep bringing our customers the most advanced technologies so they can enjoy a digital lifestyle.

Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom PLC, said, “The launch of 5G Wi-Fi is the first step in giving our retail and business customers the tools they need to start exploring the new possibilities that 5G opens up.”

Customers can also sign up for a 36-month contract to get the router for free.

The first 5G Wi-Fi plans cost KES 3,499 for 10Mbps with a 300GB limit, KES 5,999 for 40Mbps with a 500GB limit, and KES 14,999 for 100Mbps with a 1TB limit. When customers reach their limit, they will still be able to use the internet at a slower speed.

Customers with 5G phones that are compatible with the 5G network will also be able to use the 5G network and enjoy the superfast speeds of 5G. Smartphones that work with 5G include the Samsung Galaxy S and Fold series and phones from Huawei and Oppo. To use the 5G network, customers with iPhones and some 5G-capable Samsung devices will need a software update from the manufacturer.

Plans are being made to offer 5G data packages to mobile internet customers and use the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo device financing solution to make 5G smartphones more affordable.

Safaricom now has 35 active 5G sites in Nairobi, Kisumu, Kisii, Kakamega, and Mombasa, with plans to expand to 200 locations across the country by March 2023. Customers can check available 5G zones or receive 5G Wi-Fi by visiting the




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