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Sigma Fit, an Egypt-based startup creates protective gear for its medical staff in the fight against coronavirus

Sigma fit

Sigma Fit garnered international acclaim in January when it participated at the world’s largest show on consumer products held in Las Vegas. The company mainly specializes in nanotechnology that creates fabric liquid-repellant.

Cutting edge technology

The company’s hydrophobic technology issued in the production of sportswear which can last for long without washing for a while. According to the company, the outfits withstand maximum protection against the virus for up to 30 washes. Thus far, Sigma Fit has delivered over 10,000 suits to hospitals across Egypt.

Sigma Fit was founded in 2017 to provide modern sportswear services by utilizing modern technology from Kuwait, Egypt, and the U.S.A. Omar Al-Muniris the C.E.O and co-founder at Sigma Fit where Transforma X competed with thousands of products from major companies.

The company has now created nanotech masks for the public making them available for mass purchase in early June. Sigma Fit intends to create a mask that is pocket-friendly, cheap, and stylish. This new fashion culture will encourage people to wear masks and protect themselves.

Sigma Fit employs 85 people and claims that its medical-grade material cannot be permeated by the virus. Their claim arises from the notion that the virus is normally attached to liquid or solid particles that are 8 microns and move at 80 km/hr. According to Omar, even if the virus permeated the outer layer, there is another layer that can block it.

Where is the value addition?

For a regular box of disposable masks in Egypt, you will part with EGP250. Alternatively, the reusable Sigma Fit alternative goes for EGP75, yet it can be washed upto 50 times and maintain its hydrophobic qualities.

According to the WHO, the virus might be endemic meaning masks will be required for years. With that in mind, they are liquid-repellent and made of international grade fabric. On the inside, the material comprises a polysports fabric that can absorb sweat.


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