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SmartCIC Empowers African Women Through Tech with Innovative E-Waste Program


In an effort to empower women and protect the planet, IT services provider SmartCIC has launched an impactful e-waste repurposing initiative. 

The company has partnered with non-profit Maxim Nyansa Foundation to provide underprivileged young women across Africa with hands-on tech education and vital IT skills. 

By donating used hardware and equipment, SmartCIC gives a second life to retired tech while opening doors for the next generation of female leaders in STEM.

Through the Foundation’s established network, intensive multi-week boot camps are being hosted in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Gambia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone. Between 16 to 18 women are enrolled at each residential training center.

The certified courses and workshops facilitated by SmartCIC’s experienced IT engineers cover high-value skills like coding, cybersecurity, data analytics and more.

Access to the repurposed equipment allows for the practical application of lessons learned. Plans are also underway to eventually offer microfinancing support for women launching IT ventures.

Catherine Hemingray, Co-Founder and Sales Director at SmartCIC, shares that giving back through ethical social governance is a moral obligation and personal passion. 

While many companies focus solely on profits when entering African markets, SmartCIC aims to concurrently develop local communities.

With Africa poised to house over 700 data centers soon, immense opportunity exists for foreign IT firms. But Hemingray stresses that opportunity must be quantified alongside tangible community investment. 

This repurposing of hardware protects the environment while empowering deserving youth. As e-waste continues growing exponentially worldwide, sustainable solutions are essential.

Rather than simply discard outdated technology, SmartCIC collaborates with partners to donate the equipment. This keeps it circulating for continued use in training centers.

The company welcomes conversations with other IT specialists interested in contributing hardware or insights to the initiative.

By creatively transforming e-waste into educational tools, SmartCIC paves the way for emerging female tech talent in Africa. The program demonstrates the immense potential for ethical, eco-conscious corporate social responsibility.



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