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South African Rand Supported by The Epic Game Store


TechInAfrica – Based on the unveiled announcement, it is now known that South African Rand is supported by the Epic Game Store. This support enables South Africans to view and purchase games in the preferable country. 

The Epic Game Store until now priced in US Dollar for people in South Africa, but there was regional pricing. The store said that it pays in different amounts locally compared to the US, but these prices are still in USD and required to convert to know the exact pricing will be paid by the store to purchase a game or DLC. 

When many countries have their currency to support, those that do not have this luxury also see prices in USD. South Africa was not specific in that respect.

It is a new thing for South Africa. The new currencies in-store are usually covered by Epic itself by giving an announcement. In August, a currency like Mexican Peso and Swiss Franc received support and Epic users are updated for this. 

Now, Epic Games Store is linked up to the shortlist of international stores that feature their products in Rands and also supply the regional pricing to the country. Steam is also another big name that included these two criteria, which added the functionality back in 2015.



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