Starlink Services Now Available for Purchase on Jumia Kenya

Jumia PUS agent

Jumia has revealed that Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency satellite internet kits are now available on its platform in Kenya. This marks a new phase in the ongoing strategic alliance that was first introduced in Nigeria.

While Starlink services have been accessible in Kenya since 2023, the high initial costs have been a significant barrier for many interested consumers. The basic residential package, which includes the dish antenna, a mounting tripod, and a Wi-Fi router, is priced at $662. This price does not include additional shipping fees and the monthly subscription cost.

“This agreement is a perfect match for our mission to leverage technology to enhance lives throughout Africa,” stated Hisham ElGabry, Group Chief Commercial Officer at Jumia Group. “By broadening the availability of Starlink’s internet service via the Jumia platform, we can empower individuals and communities with fast, reliable internet access. This initiative will propel economic development and open up new possibilities.”

SpaceX is actively recruiting a growth manager for its Starlink Internet service in Sub-Saharan Africa. This role will be part of the Growth team and will focus on launching, expanding, and enhancing Starlink across the continent. The growth manager will be pivotal in driving the success and expansion of Starlink in the region, overcoming growth obstacles, leading user experience improvements, and implementing strategies to boost adoption.

Hisham ElGabry, the Group Chief Commercial Officer at Jumia Group, highlighted that the Starlink Residential Kit is now more accessible to Kenyan households and businesses due to a substantial discount. The kit, which includes a satellite dish, a mounting tripod, and a Wi-Fi router, is designed for effortless installation and seamless satellite connectivity. “The full kit is engineered for easy setup and automatic alignment with satellites that pass overhead,” ElGabry stated.

This significant price reduction is available for a limited time, with the offer concluding in mid-May. Starlink has promoted this exceptional “55% discount” extensively on Kenyan social media platforms. It’s not yet confirmed if the discounted rate will continue to be available on Jumia’s website after the promotion ends.

The Kit can be purchased directly from Jumia’s online platform.



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