Stellenbosch University start-ups get a boost from angel investors

Cape Town 151008- Deputy Chancellor in Stellenbosch Nico Koopman speaks about transformation at the University. Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Ilse/Argus

Stellenbosch has raised R26 million from angel investors in an effort to support 5 new startup businesses reliant on research from the university.

Innovus, Stellenbosch University’s (SU) revealed 5 spin-out companies that launched during the lock-down. The tech transfer team invested R26-million for the SU spinouts currently operating virtually.

The five companies are BioCODE (a nanosensor that detects the risk of diseases in patients), Phagoflux (a device that accurately monitors and controls autophagy activity in the body), Susento (high-quality protein powder extracted from insects for sustainable human and animal consumption), Biotikum (large-scale microbial production services to multiple industries in Africa), and Immobazyme (The PepTrap™ device for the wine and beverage industry, water purification systems and is biodegradable).

Anita Nel, the chief director of innovation and business development hopes the commercialization of research will contribute to the country’s development.


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