Tanzania-based East Africa fruits to scale after their $3.1M Serie A round

The East African startup is now able to scale its business and pursue new verticals


Last month was an excellent time for East Africa fruits after bagging a $3.1 million investment that comprises both equity and debt capital. The company has witnessed tremendous growth in its farm-to-market sector B2B e-commerce platform. The capital infusion will help address distribution challenges that were encountered as business expanded.

EA Fruits

East Africa fruits deliver fresh fruits, rice, and vegetables to an impressive client base that includes hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes, fresh fruit and vegetable vendors, as well as export customers.

The company was founded by Elia Timotheo in 2013 who is a social entrepreneur to address distribution inefficiencies experienced in the food supply chain. As of last month, the company has delivered food supply to over 2300 retailers across Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar and sourced from over 2000 farmers.

The founder Timotheo plans on significantly increasing this progress. According to Disrupt Africa, he envisions a scenario where they will supply over 10,000 farmers and over 15,000 businesses within the existing and regional markets.

The company has a plan to invest in the latest technologies that will help streamline operations. With the newfound efficiency, they will diversify their product base and impact more farmers with their services in the future.


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