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The Standard Remuneration for Start-Up Jobs in South Africa


According to the Adzuna site, the activity movement for startup jobs in South Africa has shown to be little this year.

TechInAfrica – Although it is not the only existing indicator of the movement, job activity gives us a good look into the possible growth or decline of startup businesses. Chinese manufacturing and import businesses has taken the market away from a number of countries and according to Adzuna, one would only have to look at the falling rate of textile industry some years ago. The jobs portal carefully looked at the startup job activity in 2016 and beginning of 2017 and the results showed that the demand in the most skills moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

Currently now in 2017, things still have not changed in the startup world in regards to skills.

Research of over 140 000 unique job listings on its website where all of the online jobs are aggregated in one place only has been completed by Adzuna. The results showed that around 750 is the number of startup jobs that have stuck around, with Gauteng being at the top of the list which is just slightly down 45% of the position listed in its province. Furthermore according to Adzuna, 30% of the listings is held by the Western Cape whilst other provinces make up the remaining 20%. On an average, recordings of salaries show a decrease from R334 000 to R355 000 in 2017 said Adzuna. It has furthermore been noted that positions related to IT including programmers and developers mostly top the list of skills that are required by startup jobs.

Recruitment firms have recently found that skills related to developing feature among the skills that are the rarest in the country, taking up six of the top 10  positions. Adzuna states that almost all of the reaming startup positions are sales and marketing kind of roles, with a smattering of administrative, financial, consultative skills sought to complete the numbers. The company said that the data points to a stagnation in startup activity which is not necessarily neither a positive or negative sign. A part of the reason relates to the great difficulty in finding IT skills in South Africa these days and the fact that many startup founders find skills in their networks compared to hiring them for salaried roles instead.

The company also furthermore said that it possibly could point to startups that have moved into more solid company formats or, hiring through latest recruitment models. Regardless of what the trends means during 2017, there are most definitely very few jobs now than in 2016. This means that the fall has not become less widespread and that startup activity is down year-on- year, said the company.


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