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This Tanzania-based firm has introduced a telemedicine product for African students


The CHIL Femtech Center, part of the CHIL AI Lab Group, has released a new telemedicine technology that will help kids in schools across Africa get medical care.

Students will have full-time access to online doctors through the company’s product. This is important because more than 80% of schools don’t have doctors on staff. With this new technology, schools can connect with companies making telemedicine equipment that works with CHIL’s Artificial Intelligence robot.

The partner school will serve as the student’s guarantor and repay the loan before the end of the term. The company’s operations will begin in Tanzania, intending to expand to Kenya and Uganda before reaching the entire African continent by 2025.

CHIL Femtech Center is committed to giving its customers great service and always improving its products. It ensures that schools have access to the best technology on the market.

This initiative by CHIL Femtech Center could revolutionize the African healthcare industry by offering a much-needed solution to the shortage of full-time doctors in schools.

The company is using cutting-edge technology to develop new ways to help students in the African region be healthier and live better lives.




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