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TikTok’s #LevelUpAfrica Program Supports Nigerian Creators


TikTok is nurturing Nigerian creators’ talents through its #LevelUpAfrica program, which unlocks creative potential and builds personal brands. Launched in 2021, the initiative provides educational workshops, mentorship, networking and financial support.

“TikTok #LevelUpAfrica aims to be Nigeria’s leading creator education program,” said TikTok’s Bianca Sibiya, Head of Content Operations for Sub-Saharan Africa.

The program offers guidance from experienced TikTok professionals to make high-quality, engaging content. Creators also learn to fully utilize TikTok’s creative tools and features.

Exclusive masterclasses allow creators to learn from industry experts while networking with fellow creators and brands. This facilitates collaborations to reach wider audiences. The program also connects creators to brand partnership opportunities to monetize content.

Recently, TikTok held a #LevelUpAfrica Nigeria event in Lagos highlighting its impact and bringing together influential creators.

Creator Edna Francis said the program opened significant brand collaboration and publisher opportunities. “It guided me in expanding my niche content reviewing movies and TV shows. Now I’ve scaled up content quality to be visible to brands,” she said.

Other featured creators included captivating storyteller Dan Brown, fascinating content creator Miss Ezeani, creative cosplayer Crys Chan and revered artist El Suizzaine. Their presence illuminated Africa’s dynamic TikTok creativity landscape.

The program’s impact is evident with hundreds of creators growing their brands, achieving financial success and exploring alternative careers. As they level up content skills, they inspire digital African communities.

By investing in creators, TikTok demonstrates commitment to African talent. Programs like #LevelUpAfrica widen access to opportunity so more diverse voices can thrive on the platform.

Supporting creators also strengthens TikTok’s value proposition to users seeking authentic, engaging content. This ultimately benefits the app and brand as creativity flourishes.

As a platform prioritizing creativity, TikTok has a vested interest in cultivating creators. #LevelUpAfrica empowers Nigerian talent to turn passions into professions on one of the world’s fastest-growing apps.



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