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TLG and Future Africa have started an African startup fund with a $25 million venture debt fund.


As part of their partnership, TLG Capital and Future Africa have created a US$25 million venture debt fund from TLG’s existing funds. This fund will be given to companies in the Future Africa portfolio that meet certain requirements.

The two companies have joined forces to offer founders a program that includes training to help them learn more about available financing options and best-in-class techniques.

Future Africa is an early-stage investor who has put $10 million into 97 portfolio companies. TLG Capital, on the other hand, is an investment holding company that focuses on private investment opportunities in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the capital structure, especially in the credit arena.

If a company meets these requirements, it can get funding from TLG Capital.

Future Africa is known for using strong structured credit models to help the entrepreneurs it works with make a bigger difference quickly and effectively. Moove BV is one example of this kind of company that we work with. Mayowa Olugbile, a general partner at Future Africa, said, “We are excited to work with a financing partner like TLG, an expert in structured finance products, to build an asset-backed finance business that meets the needs of our rapidly growing companies in this financing environment.”

We’ve seen how hard it is for founders to get funding, so we’re happy to reaffirm TLG Capital’s support for Future Africa’s early-stage entrepreneurs.

So far, we’ve talked to 13 of Future Africa’s founders, and there are some things they all have in common. For instance, businesses have to deal with big drops in the value of their home currencies while raising US dollar equity.

Aum Thacker, an investor at TLG Capital, said, “We are building a portfolio of best-in-class solutions so founders can focus on running and innovating while TLG, as a structuring partner, helps make sure their firms are best equipped to deal with macroeconomic challenges.”




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