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To deliver intelligent business automation to Africans, Proven Consults partners with a top insurance firm


A well-known insurance company that is headquartered in Nairobi and has offices in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya has joined forces with the top automation technology company Proven Consult.

The partnership’s goal is to speed up the digital transformation of the insurance sector in Africa by using Proven Consult’s newest technology. This is the first of a series of projects that Proven Consult will be doing in Africa, indicating that the company is prepared to supply key business services and take an active role in automating the businesses of its African customers.

The insurance provider plans to implement Intelligent Business Automation Solutions from Proven Consult to automate repetitive or otherwise time-consuming tasks. This will free up employees to focus on insight-driven activities and ultimately lead to increased business efficiency. By the terms of their partnership, Proven Consult will lend a hand in the computerization of thirty different company procedures to bring about the greatest possible operational efficiencies. The organization can increase staff engagement, improve customer happiness, and achieve operational excellence if it chooses to apply intelligent automation procedures rather than a manual approach. As a direct result of this, the data quality, overall process improvement and accuracy will all be enhanced.

Because we want to increase our footprint in the area, this agreement represents a highly intriguing new opportunity for Proven Consult. According to Vishal Manchanda, Regional Business Manager at Proven Consult, “It matches with our ambition to harness the latest tech for the benefit of clients in Africa, and help to the progress of their business goals.”Our solutions can help them run their businesses more efficiently, making them better able to adapt to the market’s changing needs.

Automated systems have rapidly become a priority for businesses throughout all regions of the world, including Africa. Implementing the most recent technologies is birthing many changes in fields such as finance across the continent. These changes are opening up opportunities for economic growth and satisfying the demands of consumers.

Using the UiPath Platform, Proven Consult, a leader in business process automation with more than a decade of experience, has successfully partnered with companies worldwide to implement Intelligent Automation solutions like insurance onboarding automation solutions and process automation for banking reconciliation. 

The company has a long history of working with clients on long-term projects, which has given clients more confidence to reach their business goals.




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