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Twitter Imposes Daily Limit to Enhance User Safety

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Elon Musk has recently introduced a new measure aimed at solving the growing problem of data scraping and data manipulation on the microblogging app. In a bid to solve this issue, Twitter has initiated a daily limit rule, which means individuals are limited to viewing a particular number of tweets daily.

Users who go through a particular number of tweets may experience being locked out of the platform for the day due to this rule. The motive behind this move according to Elon Musk is to curb the extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation plaguing the platform.

Musk reported the revised limits for different account types. Unverified accounts which were previously allowed to read 600 posts per day have been revised to 1,000 posts. Verified accounts which previously had a daily limit of 6,000 have been increased to 10,000. Newly verified accounts can read 500 posts daily

To further solve this problem and enhance security, Twitter has made it known that users have to sign into their accounts to view tweets. This additional authentication step aims to strengthen the platform security against unauthorized access

It is worth noting that Elon Musk has been against the use of Twitter data for training artificial intelligence programs like Chatgpt. He argues that the wide range of human conversations stored on platforms like Twitter is being misused by AI companies. These conversations serve as a resource center to gather and generate text, video, images, and other content that mirrors human speech. 

By imposing daily restrictions on tweet viewing and enforcing stricter authentication procedures, Twitter can strike a balance between protecting user data and maintaining an open and accessible platform for meaningful interactions. 



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