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Twitter Users Will Have Access to Real-Time Financial Information Due to Partnership with eToro.


Twitter’s new Partnership with eToro is set to usher in a new dimension to the microblogging app. Users can now access real-time trading information on various assets and make informed investment decisions.

eToro is an online trading and investment platform that provides real-time information on shares, stocks, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Before this move, Twitter users could only access real-time financial information via TradingView. Still, it was limited to a specific number of assets like the S&P 500 index and shares of certain corporations like Tesla. $Cashtag, a feature introduced in 2012 that allowed users to interact with information related to an asset just by prepending a dollar sign to the ticker.

This new Partnership will only enhance the $Cashtag feature, which before only covered specific equities and cryptocurrencies because thousands of tickers are expected to be working. Users interested in investing can now learn more about their asset of interest by clicking on the asset’s name on the eToro platform.

Twitter has reported that $TSLA is the most popular $Cashtag, followed by $SPY(SPDR S&P 500 ETF) and then $BTC.

This move further embraces Twitter’s goal to be more than just a microblogging app but a hub for information and action as they desire to “serve the public conversation” and make financial information accessible to all. Traders and Investors can now access real-time market data and a route to a vetted trading and investment platform. They will also have real-time information on a wide range of assets and, as such, can now make informed decisions before investing.

Since Elon Musk purchased Twitter for 44 billion dollars in late October, there have been several changes to the platform, and no doubt there will continue to be more.


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