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Uber Set to Roll Out Electric Vehicles Across African Markets


Uber is working hard to reach its goal of zero pollution by 2040. This goal was made three years ago.

Jennifer Vescio, Uber’s chief business development officer, says that the company is counting on its partners, like lawmakers and car makers, to adopt electric-vehicle technology to reach its goal quickly. She said that Uber could achieve zero emissions by 2040 if it worked with these companies.

Uber intends to replicate its dedication to Dubai in Africa, beginning with South Africa. Uber wants to guarantee that by 2030, 25% of the kilometers driven by its vehicles in South Africa will be electric.

According to the 2022 AutoTrader Mid-Year Industry Report, no more than one billion trips made by Uber in Africa were made in an electric car.

But Uber Green, a low-emission ride choice that connects riders with hybrid and electric cars, has already been used in some parts of Canada, the US, Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. 

Frans Hiemstra, the GM for Uber in the Middle East and Africa region, said that the company is trying to get people to realize how important it is to create a clear policy framework to get Africa ready for the electrification of transportation.

He also said that private companies and governments could affect how much things cost by giving the right rewards and pushing OEMs to make their parts cheaper.

Even though there is a desire for electric cars in South Africa, the most significant problems are the high prices and range anxiety caused by a lack of charging infrastructure.




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