US-Based Web Hosting Company GoDaddy Receives Positive Response from the SA Market


TechInAfrica – The US-based web hosting company, GoDaddy, has entered the South African market for about six months now. According to the company, they have received positive responses and growth ever since. The statement was said by Selina Bieber, the Regional Director for Turkey and MENA at GoDaddy EMEA, as quoted on ITWeb’s site.

The company said that South Africa is an important market, stating that the customer base in the region increased by 25% year-on-year in 2018.

“The most valuable part of that has been we’ve now got a local way to communicate with people – we are able to add more value and contribute to the local market on that journey of entrepreneurialism, going from brick and mortar to maybe starting a new digital journey,” said Bieber.

She continued, “We’ve been running workshops that focus on how to build an online presence, looking at the entire scope – not just a Web site but how these components of an online presence work together and how to build it. This includes the tips one needs to know and the planning process to go through.

US-Based Web Hosting Company GoDaddy Receives Positive Response in the SA Market
US-Based Web Hosting Company GoDaddy Receives Positive Response in the SA Market via

It’s a hands-on way of teaching people how to build a Web site using our services. We’ve been running this for about four months and we’ve seen a great response to that. It’s great to see we’ve now got businesses that come out of those workshops with the Web site up and running.”

When it was first launched, GoDaddy specifically was targeting the SME market. Bieber stressed that the company is still focusing on the market.

According to GoDaddy’s Vice President for EMEA, Stefano Maruzzi, the company will work closely with SME owners and entrepreneurs in South Africa, helping them by offering more support and tools to create a strong online presence and grow their enterprises.



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